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How is the FifthEstate funded?

FifthEstate is financed out of an initial endowment provided by the like minded development organization that shares the motivation of bringing development to the state. FifthEstate do not charge any fees for its services from social entrepreneurs or social enterprises.

When did FifthEstate start?

FifthEstate has started its operations from Uttar Pradesh and was launch in Feb 2014. To assure the collaboration and support from the government of Uttar Pradesh, FifthEstate was launched by honourable CM of UP, Shri Akhilesh Yadav in Yojana Bhawan.

What types of support does the FifthEstate provide?

FifthEstate does not give grants. Rather, it invests its limited resources in creating unprecedented opportunities where social entrepreneurs who have successfully implemented and scaled their transformational idea, can further the legitimacy of their work, have access to usually inaccessible support from the government and private sector. FifthEstate also provides mentorship, focus area expertise and incubation support. Click here

What makes FifthEstate unique?

FifthEstate is first of its kind initiative in India that is facilitating collaboration between Public sector, private sector and third sector (social enterprise sector). It is unique in its motivation to empower societies by facilitating implementation of innovative solutions to existing issues by bringing in support from public and private sector.

Who is a social entrepreneur?

Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing problems. They are ambitious and persistent, tackling major social issues and offering new ideas for wide-scale change. Click here

Is FifthEstate operating only in Uttar Pradesh?

FifthEstate has started its operation from Uttar Pradesh but its vision is not limited to just one state. FifthEstate plans to replicate its model in other states and also in other developing nations that face similar issues as our society does.

How can you engage with FifthEstate?

If you are an existing social enterprise or social entrepreneur and you believe your company/service/product can cater to a challenging issue, please let us know here If you are a budding entrepreneur and whats to make your of our incubation support services or seek our mentorship support, please contact us here If you are a philanthropist or a social investor, you can support FifthEstate’s cause by donating , or if you are interesting in working with us or supporting us in any other way please drop us an email at If you want to become a part of FifthEstate social entrepreneurs community and want to invited to your yearly conference please register here If you want to work with us, please chek the open positions here If you want to volunteer with us. Let us know here