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We believe that the development and growth of the society begins with the work of impactful social entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs drive the sector forward, responsing to new challenges and changing needs.
A lot of the success and impact of any brilliant solution however depends of its reach, for which FifthEstate pitches in to facilitate support from the government.
Anchored by certain selection process and criteria, FifthEstate works with the selected social enterprises and represent that to the relvant department in the government, and facilitate help from the government and private sector to the enterprise. The support extended from the government would be based the sector and the existing policies.

Selection Criteria

FifthEstate’s selection process at every stage is anchored by our five criteria, which all social entrepreneurs are evaluated on:

1) A new Idea:

Is the person possessed by a truly new idea, a solution or an approach or even a process, for solving an existing issue. Is it truly trnasformationsl or is it just tweaking of existing soluitions. How is it different from what others are doing in the field.

2) Social Impact:

Is the idea solving an important existing social problem? Is the idea practical and useful to the extent that people working in the field will adopt it? If so, how many people will be affected? How much will they benefit?

3) Is the idea scalable and sustainable?

Does the idea has a sustainable model? Can it be scalable? Is it affordable to people it is solving an issue for?

4) Creativity

Can the person define the root problem and the cultural and sociological aspect associated with it? Is the solution designed in a way that takes care pf the sociological issues that might inhibit people from accepting it?

5) Ethical fiber/motivation behind the solution and environmental impact.

Social entrepreneurs introducing major structural changes to the society must have right reason to enter this field.

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