FifthEstate aspires to achieve impact by transforming the ways Governments achieve their development agenda.

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What is our vision

Transforming the ways Governments achieve their development agenda, by harnessing the power that lies in the collaboration of the three largest sectors of society- Public, Private and Development.

514617638_416d2b632e_oWhat is our mission

  • A more agile and proactive Government apparatus that efficiently solves social challenges by tapping into the innovative pool of innovative and relevant solutions.
  • A more engaged corporate sector that is aligned with overall social progress and more responsive to the marginalized members of the economy.
  • A more empowered Social sector that maximizes the impact of their innovative solution through the collaboration of public and private sectors.

7127903885_1d6a86362c_kWhat are our focus areas

FifthEstate aims to achieve social impact by focusing on innovation and development in five core areas:

  •   o Social Empowerment
  •   o Economic Empowerment
  •   o Health Empowerment
  •   o Magnifying impact of government projects through partnerships
  •   o Environmental Sustainability