Apr 2019

MCDVOICE – McDonalds Survey @

Have you been a current guest of McDonald’s shop, Puzzled…. ? Employing the current receipt from the McDonald’s store, you might have a chance of winning a voucher code that could be utilised to buy McDonald’s shop for another time. For the odds of winning the voucher code, you have to earn a feedback. There is an official website of McDonald’s store, where you…

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Sep 2017

Uttar Pradesh’s missing girls, choked to death, drowned or simply abandoned to die?

In India, “You have 2,000 girls who are killed in the womb every day” Maneka Gandhi, Minister of Women and Child Development, India, told news channel NDTV in an interview. “Some are born and have pillows on their faces choking them.” The unabated prevalence of foeticide and female infanticide in India is creating a huge decline in the sex ratio, especially in Northern and Northwestern…

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Oct 2014

Crisis of democracy and the Caste System in India

by Mr. Lenin Raghuvanshi of PVCHR India is a land of diversity with great and long History populated by many different peoples, from many different origins, and who have many different religious, political and philosophical views. Many abuses are committed against peoples due to their caste or their religion and nature is more and more systematically ransack for privates interests. The mains problems facing the…

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Jul 2014

Unequal access to education

by Ms. Pallavi Gupta Education is one of the most powerful tools to bring positive socio-economic change in the country. In India, where educational access has traditionally been confined to upper caste males, the spread of education among socially disadvantaged groups and women has had extremely significant implications for the economic progress of these groups. Lack of education or inadequate education robs a person of…

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Aug 2013

Lets define development

by Ms. Pallavi Gupta When we talk about development, it is very important to understand what does development mean exactly. There are many prominent theories and perspectives on it, but the one that stands out the most is the concept of Development as Freedom (of choice) by Amartya Sen. There are many ways to gauge development: one can assess it on the basis of the economic indicators,…

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